Android Development

With over 80% of smartphone users choosing to use Android, we’re happy to offer our services in bringing you business into the 21st century!

Why an Android Application?

There are several benefits to having an Android Application for you business. From making your clients experience with you easier, to making your method more productive. Having an Android application design especially for your business means that you no longer need to be at your computer to perform tasks. Allowing you to sit back and work from your phone with comfort.


One of the benefits of using an Android application, especially for things like database management, is that it allows you to make updates whiles you are on the move. More importantly, it allows you to make updates  whiles you are offline. By being able to store the data offline, you save time because you are not having to download the data each time. This also means that you won’t need to use as much data as you might have to use on a website.

For clients or employees?

Both is the answer.

Having an application on a platform like Android allows you to have a lot of control in a very efficient way. By adding in a few bit of coding you can replace system application and some functions. Allowing you to notify a client that a product has been sent out for delivery, to controlling when access your employees have on their business phones.

By having an Android application for your clients, you allow yourself to do targeted advertising. This is done by collecting information about how the user responds to things on you application. This can be done through things like how long they spend looking at services or questioned they have answered in their profile.

What we offer

We offer a complete, start to finish, Android application development service. This includes everything from the graphics and user interface of your application to API that allow you application to communicate with a server. During this process we will work closely with you to determine the most effective method of achieving your goal. For a quote Contact Us.

Still unsure?

If you still unsure if an Android application is right for your business, why not have a look at our Portfolio. If you feel you have a question that has been left unanswered or would like a quote you can always Contact Us. If you interested in learning how to program Android application, the best place to start is our blog.