Describing Meta Descriptions

meta description in a search engine result page

Meta Descriptions, What’s it all about?

Meta descriptions are normally used on search engine result pages to show preview snippets for a given page. The should be used to give a brief explanation to the searcher, allowing them to made a decision whether the web page has the right content or not.

Meta description tags, while not imperative to search engine rankings, are very important when it come to getting the user click-through from search engine result pages. These short paragraphs are a webmaster’s chance to advertise content to a searcher.

When writing a meta description for you page,  you should always make sure that it is relevant to the content on the page. Otherwise, your bounce rate will increase, in some cases making you website look bad.

<meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description. It will appread underneath you webpage title in search engine result pages"/>

Not for your rankings

In sept 2009 Google declared that it would no longer look towards meta descriptions or meta keyword when it chooses where to rank your page. Meta descriptions are now only used as a summary of your web page when display search engine result pages to its searchers.

Getting that click

The meta description tag is practically for advertising copy. It’s used to grab the readers to your from the search engine result pages to you website. So whiles it does not directly effect your SEO, Is a very necessary a part of search promoting you website. Writing a meta description that if informative and pleasing to the user will also help to improve your click through rate from search engine result pages. It is also important to user your pages keyword in your meta description. This is because search engines will highlight or bold the searchers search term.

Once is ENOUGH!

Meta descriptions only need to be used once on each page. The other thing to remember about using meta descriptions is not to repeat yourself.  When you have the same meta descriptions across multiple pages on your website search engines will notice that and treat it as duplicate content.

Can I skip the Meta Description?

Yes and no. When a web page is heavily targeted at one keyword it is best to write it up yourself. This is because you don’t need to write it up for different search terms. However, if your web page is targeted more keywords that you can summarise in 155 characters then you should let Search engines generate their own Meta Description from text from your website.

Quotes scare Google?

Whenever you use a quote in a meta description Google will cut it off. The easiest way to get around this is to just leave it out, avoid using them. But this is not always possible under certain circumstances. If quotation marks are a must you’ll have to use single quotation marks instead.