Responsive Web Design

According to a report made in July 2014 by Search Engine Watch the usage of mobile phones has overtaken the usage of desktop computers when it come to internet usage. This means that having a responsive website is a must. That is for any company planning to gain more business through their website. This has also had a significant impact on B2B work with over 90 percent of business executives now owning a smartphone.

Responsive website

How can a responsive website benefit me?

There are several ways that a responsive website can benefit your business. One of these ways your business can benefit is by allowing you to reach out to more devices, like tablets and phones. Due to the amount of people now using tablets and mobile devices, it’s never been more important to have a website that fits on a smaller screen.

By using a mobile site, you also give your user a better browsing experience. This is because the user is on the same website no matter what device they use.  This makes your website it more consistent. Resulting in users having more trust in the website, keeping them browsing for longer and more likely to contact you or make a purchase.

Another benefit is that it is easier to analyse what your user is doing on your website. By having only one responsive website, you will not have to track your users journeys across different websites through redirects.

A responsive website also means that you only have to focus your efforts on one website. This means that you can spend less time trying to synchronise the two websites, desktop and mobile, and more time on improving your website.

Something else to think about if you are considering using a mobile site instead of a responsive site it the cost of it. Not only would you have to pay for another website to be developed, but you will also have to pay for the extra hosting of that website.

If you are on a desktop machine try making the browser smaller for an example of how Free Spirit Development has been made into a responsive website.

What we offer

We offer to make your existing website responsive, whiles keeping functionality. For this, we charge £150. This depends on how much each page type varies.

We also offer a complete we design service that will cover everything from the design of your website to keyword targeting. For a quote Contact Us. Alternatively, you can check out our previous projects.