Security Enhancements

A virus, or malware, is a a piece of code that is design to do damage or steel data in one way or another. Having the correct precaution set up is the best way of preventing this from happening.

How can it affect me?

Having a virus that has infiltrated your website or expert systems could cause you a lot of problems. Some viruses will redirect your website to another website in order to get more links and customers. This could make you loose customers.

Other viruses will attack your database. Either injecting code into you database or taking information from it, like customer details, bank details or passwords.

What we offer

Removing a virus and reversing its damage can be difficult, but it can also be easy. There are many decencies. The size of your website, what CMS you are using, how you web site gas been infected ect.

Quotes are free. we offer the removal of the virus and any redirect that need to be put in place to stop 404 errors appearing in your crawl results. This also includes hardening of your security where possible.