Website Audit

It’s always important to keep an eye on your website, even if it’s not your main source of custom. This is because if it’s not making you look good, it’s making you look bad. Below is a list of some stuff we check when writing up a report from an audit on a website.


Schema is a way of making out information to search engines. It allows them to make the listing for you more appropriate in organic rankings.  It’s more important to get 10 users that fit your target market rather than 100 users that don’t.

Viruses & Malware

Organic search hacked example

Having a virus in your website is just as effective as having no website as all. The image above displays what your organic ranking will look like if you have a virus or malware infection on your website.

By having the label “This site may be hacked.” on your organic rankings you make potential customer worried. This is likely to make then choose a competitor rather than yourself.

Site Maps

Sitemaps are important when it comes to appearing in organic ranks. This because they allow search engines to find all the pages on your website. The site map should also hold information like how important each page is and how often they are updated.


<link rel="canonical" href="">
A canonical tells search engines what a web pages true URL is. This prevents duplicate content appearing in your webmaster tools, causing a negative effect on your SEO.

Web Page Speed

You web page speed play an important factor in SEO. This is because search engines tend to favour faster website, showing the high up in organic search rankings. You can help improve the speed of your website in many ways. Like optimising your server and compressing files.

Response Codes

If your website is returning the incorrect response codes it could be affecting your SEO. The idea response code is always 200, but it doesn’t always go to plan.

A 404 response code means that the page does not exist. This not only affects your SEO but it also interrupts your users.

A 301 redirect is always better than a 302 redirect. Unless your site is down for maintenance or needs to be temporarily redirected for another reason. Whiles its okay to use 301 redirects, it is not okay to have a redirect chain, when a 301 redirect will take you to another 301 redirect.

We recommend using Redirect Path plugin for Google Chrome to find 404 errors and redirect chains,

Usability & Responsiveness

Having an unresponsive or unusable website is a bit pointless. The first problem is that your customers feel uncomfortable using it if they are using a mobile. The second problem is that search engines test for how mobile-friendly a website is. This means that you website might get pushed down the rankings on mobile search results.

What we offer

We offer an audit of everything above and more. The final report will also include recommended improvement so that you know where you stand online. This service is available from £40 at a one-off cost, or £20 a month for the minimum of 6 months. For all enquiries please drop us an email using the Contact Us page.